Lucea Tax Office, Hanover Tax Office

Lucea Tax Office, Hanover Tax Office


Lucea Tax Office

Hours: Monday – Wednesday
9 AM – 4 PM

Thursday – Friday
9 AM – 3 PM

Lucea Tax Office Location: Church Street
Lucea P.O., Hanover
Lucea Tax Office Telephone: 956-2219, 956-9853,  Fax: 956-3966


Lucea Tax Office Services:  Motor Vehicle Transactions, Driver’s Licence Applications, TRN Applications, Taxpayer Service, Tax Payments.


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Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) proudly operates as the country’s premiere revenue collecting agency. In keeping with our mission, our primary goal is to foster voluntary compliance, collect the revenue due in an equitable and efficient manner, contribute to a competitive business environment and facilitate economic growth and development.

Through excellent service by our highly skilled staff, and in capitalising on the strengths of the organisation, our primary focus, as we strive to accomplish the broad goals and objectives set out by the Ministry of Finance and Planning and in general the people of Jamaica is one that embodies the mantra, “Working together to serve you Even better”.

Customer Care Centre
Toll Free: 1-888-TAX-HELP (local)
Toll Free: 1-888-GO-JATAX (USA)
Telephone: (876)-786-0000
FAX: (876)-902-9494