Pioneering Consultancy Company Ltd

Pioneering Consultancy Company Ltd


Pioneering Consultancy Company Ltd is committed to providing high quality, cost effective strategic financial management, media strategies, technological change, and revolutionizing project management to the business sector. These services will be provided by our enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and focused teams. We value our clients and as such will remain committed to producing results that will directly and positively impact their business objectives. PCC recognizes that in order to accomplish this objective it is necessary to provide a working environment that fosters and rewards creativity, insight, teamwork and enthusiasm in its employees.

Who are our Clients and what do we offer?

Small and medium businesses:
PCC provides business optimization, process improvement or even data entry to businesses that cannot afford full-time professional/experts or would not be engaged by large consulting companies.

Loan agents:
Often outstanding debts occur due to business failure resulting from poor accounting, operational mediocrity, operational inefficiencies, and lack of succession planning and training. We therefore assist in collecting delinquent loans by working with failing businesses to provide them with appropriate business solution necessary to help them improve their businesses.

Individuals with ideas, resources, and talents:
We assist anyone possessing practical business ideas or resources but lack directional, managerial and organizational skills by transforming their ideas into viable businesses.

Promoters/ unrecognized businesses:
We assist in providing savvy marketing techniques to promote businesses or events.