About Us

About Us

We have combined the best technology with the strongest local participation
to create the best destination for news and discussion.
By giving everyone access to the tools to talk – and an audience to listen – Lucea town.info
redefines what it means to make the news.

Combining our unique approach to presenting topical news and
the intuitive navigation tools available for moving from page to page,

Lucea town.info offers the quickest and most comprehensive way to find the news that matters to you.

Quality Services: The quality of our services are built to exceed your performance & quality expectations. Once you consider the quality of our web design, then ponder the fact that your website needs visitors; Code876  is an excellent choice for an online partner. We are constantly improving our knowledge and understanding of the latest methodologies to help your website succeed.

Integrity Is Key: We are upfront, we don’t try to persuade you or attempt to hide anything from you. Sales professionals don’t get paid on commission, we believe that our customers success determines our future success. We work to obtain long term relationships, we don’t just aim to make a quick buck.

We are a small company that offers personalized service, and we are proud to have a friendly & talented team that makes a major impact on a daily basis.

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